Fee Schedule

Square Feet
up to  2000 sf
2001 to 2500 sf
2501 to 3000 sf
3001 to 3500 sf
3501 to 4000 sf
4001 to 4500 sf
4501 to 5000 sf
A typical home inspection includes a standard garage.  

Additional buildings such as barns, cottages, and large workshops may require an additional fee.

Additional Services
Basic Water Test        $50
    testing for:
                         total coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, nitrites and nitrates

Comprehensive Water Test:        $95
    testing for:
                         total coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, arsenic,  nitrites and nitrates,
                        chloride, hardness, sodium, pH, copper, iron, manganese, flouride,
                         and lead (source water)  and sodium
Radon Consulting
                        If you have questions about radon and it's affects I am qualified to
                        assist you.
*A Travel charge may be assessed for inspections over 60 miles away