"Eric Holm inspected our circa 1850 Machias house last September. Aside from the wealth of information regarding the house's strengths and weaknesses (which we are currently using as a "blueprint" for home improvements), I was impressed by his knowledge of the architectural history of the houses in the area. Also, "as advertised," Eric has been more than willing to answer post-purchase questions and ways of achieving period-appropriate changes and improvements.
I believe it is also important to note that, six months into residency, I have yet to find anything Eric "missed." He has, so far, been spot-on regarding his analysis of all the systems and the structure of my home."

Hiring Eric Holm as your home inspector is, in my opinion, money well spent both as a decision-making tool (while you may still be in the "love is blind" phase of purchasing) and as a future pragmatic, aesthetic and/or historic resource."

Retired Educator
Machias, ME

"Eric from Holm Inspections was honest, efficient, reliable, and dependent. He inspected our new home while we were living in another state"

Liz Henry
From Laramie, WY
Looking forward to being from East Machias, ME

"It was well done, extremely thorough and covered all the requirements needed for a home inspection plus more. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Eric's home inspection company to anyone who needs this service. We look forward to retiring next year and look forward even more to move into our home. "

v/r,Rich Milano

Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, Marine Corps Community Services

Okinawa, Japan

" Eric's inspections are totally thorough and professional, but most importantly, he is willing to work with you in finding practical solutions for potential problems."

Mark Riley (Vermont resident)
Jonesport, ME

"Eric understood that I was a first time home-buyer and that all of it was new to me! He was thorough and answered my questions as we went though every inch of the two homes that he inspected for me. After the inspection, he then provided me with very readable written feedback. He showed the concern of a neighbor, and he spent time explaining his observations in a way that helped me assess my prospective home and what I could expect in terms of my commitment to an antique cape. He also gave advice on how to approach repairs: what would need immediate attention and what could wait. I value his advice, and Eric remains available for my questions more than a year later!"

A. L., Clinical Counselor, East Machias, ME

Holm Inspections provided a thorough assessment and detailed inspection report on the house we wanted to purchase.  As home buyers living in Florida at the time, it was reassuring to have Holm Inspections' professional evaluation before making such a big investment.  
Kevin Athearn, Ph.D.
Lisa Athearn, Ph.D.
Machias, ME

Our experience with Holm Inspections, LLC was very positive.  Eric presented himself in a very professional manner and conducted the home inspection beyond our expectations.  All aspects of the home was inspected and recommendations were made to us on the spot.  He also provided a detailed report in a timely manner.

Mona Bourget
Jan Welch
Embden, Maine

"I found Eric to be extremely professional, thorough and informative.  His detailed inspection was extremely important to my ultimate decision to buy my property and I felt I could rely on his advice completely.  Great working with him!"
BI, Big Lake

Eric was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient.  His inspection of our home was informative and valuable to us.
N.Rich - Roque Bluffs

Eric Holm of Holm Inspections did a super job for us. His work was comprehensive and extremely helpful to us when we bought our house. We had telephone consultations and his documentation was made available to us as a hard copy as well as a PDF. Mr. Holm was always had a quick response to e-mails and phone calls. We really appreciated Mr. Holm's expertise and willingness to help us with any question we had.
Timothy and Jeanie Merrill, Machias, Maine

"We were very impressive with the inspection of a six-unit apartment building in Machias that we bought in 2004. We were living out of state when the home inspection occurred, and I was particularly impressed with Holm Inspection's ability to provide us with timely and accurate information from a distance. We continue to refer to the detailed write-up provided by Holm Inspections as we make decision about upgrades and capital improvements."
Jeremy and Sarah Gabrielson, Machias

Eric Holm.....very professional, prompt, and courteous, could not have asked for a better home inspector...always available when needed and went above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns we had.
Mike Tingley, Roque Bluffs, Maine